Signs That You Need To Replace Your Septic Drain Field

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Nobody likes foul-smelling sewage backup in their yard and there are plenty of things you can do to prevent this problem from happening. Although sometimes it’s easier to just invest in a new one. You’ll want to make sure it really needs to be replaced since it’s an expensive investment.

Here are some signs of needing to be replaced:

Age Of System- While the septic tank itself can last up to 30 years this can also be fixed and have maintenance done, on the other hand a septic drain field lasts around 10-20 years and its easy to shorten the life expectancy of one.

Backup- When a septic drain field fails this can lead to water backup in sinks, showers, or water draining very slowly.

The Yard- If the yard is greener near the septic field or the area is soggier, this can be a sign the system has failed.

These systems can fail due to various reasons but the most common reason for failing early is too much solid waste made it to the drain field which caused it to fail. However, if too much water has saturated the drain field there’s a possibility it can be dried out and rehabilitated. If any of these issues occur after multiple septic tank services, this could be a sign the field needs to be replaced. It’s always best to contact a service specialist to assess the situation.

Using Real Estate As An Inflation Hedge

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Inflation benefits real estate investors that earn income from their properties. This benefits the investors with multi-family rental units the most. This is because higher home prices often mean higher rent. Being able to increase your properties rent while keeping your mortgage the same gives an opportunity to pocket more monthly income.

Real estate gives a unique opportunity, as home prices rise over time it lowers the loan-to-value of any mortgage debt, this acts as a discount to any investor with a mortgage. This causes the property equity to increase while the fixed-rate mortgage payments remain the same.

Property values tend to be on an upwards curve over time. This acts a good investment but also can provide a steady cash flow for investors over time. Investing in multi-family properties is one way to use real estate as a hedge. These include shorter term leases allowing an investor to adjust rent prices more frequently to adjust with the market. Unlike commercial real estate where the lease terms which usually have multi-year business terms.

Apartment complexes are unique as they are always in demand. The demand for these tends to increase when home prices rise as well. This means apartment complexes would be likely to have many long-term leases and tenants, giving investors the opportunity to start new leases at adjusted rates.

While there are many aspects of inflation that are difficult to avoid, real estate is one way to protect yourself.

Lower Your Insurance Cost

Source: Inside & Out Property Inspectors INC.

A Wind Mitigation Inspection checks your homes wind resistant features. The inspector will be checking how your roof is sealed from water, how strong the structure is, and the door or window casings. Having this inspection done can help save a substantial amount on your Florida homeowners insurance.

This inspection helps insurance companies tell if you’re roof is capable of handing hurricanes, or strong winds. The stronger and safer your roof is, the lower risk you are to the insurance company which may lower your premiums.

The inspection can only lower your premiums, even if the inspection gets a low rating your homeowner’s insurance can’t go up. Depending on where you live, and the size of your home depends on how much you’re capable of saving. While the cost of the inspection is around $100 the savings on your homeowner’s insurance can be a few hundred up to a few thousand.

There are key features the inspector will look for; these seven indicators will tell if your home is capable of withstanding strong winds and water:

  • Building code
  • Roof covering
  • Roof-deck attachment
  • Roof-to-wall attachment
  • Roof geometry
  • Secondary water resistance
  • Opening protection

Some of those key features can’t be added easily or are harder to change, here’s a list of the main features Florida homeowner’s insurance companies look for to save the most:

  • Roofing material that meets Florida building codes
  • Secondary water resistance under the roof sheathing
  • Impact- resistant coverings verified for cyclic pressure and large missiles over all glass openings
  • Roof-deck attachment with plywood
  • Roof-to-wall attachment that uses double wraps
  • A hip roof

Wind mitigation inspections are good for five years in Florida. You pay for the inspection once and save on your homeowners insurance premium for the next five years.

Retail, eateries planned near CR 484 industrial park west of I-75

Source: Ocala Star Banner

Back in the 1960s, before Marion Oaks was even platted, an airline pilot purchased two square miles of land on County Road 484 about two miles west of Interstate 75. It would become The McGinley Farm, which produced corn and peanuts for decades.

By 2017, rumblings around town were that Richard McGinley was ready to turn the agricultural land into one of the largest industrial centers in Florida.

It was about four years ago when plans of transforming the 1,280-acre farm into Florida Crossroads Industrial Park were first unveiled. In the years since the property is being developed at breakneck speed.

The property is split into two sections by CR 484. About 75% of the acreage is on the south side of CR 484 and is home to Dollar Tree, a 1.9 million-square-foot distribution center and the centerpiece of the south portion.

McGinley is working with an investment group to plan out the north side. Along the north side of CR 484 there will be commercial, retail, and restaurants to “support a lot of people that will be working on the south side,” he said.

North of that commercial section, McGinley said there could end up being multi-family complexes, and/or single-family homes.

Southside master plan
The commission voted unanimously to allow for changes for the southern portion of the development fronting CR 484.

Mary Elizabeth Burgess, director of Marion County Growth Services, told commissioners that the new plan calls for 40 1.14-acre lots near CR 484.

The original concept was to put some uses, like a gas station and other things, and some type of restaurant, on the south side of CR 484. McGinley said the smaller lots will be commercial for possibly smaller warehouses.

Major development projects in Ocala/Marion County

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Marion County’s building permits are up, and we are doing more commercial buildings and housing than ever before. The county will be ahead of most communities and prepared to host dozens of national and world events.

Ocala’s distribution hub is already home to AutoZone, Chewy, FedEx and Amazon.

Recently opened is the World Equestrian Center or WEC. The largest equestrian complex in the United States is a world-class, multi-indoor and outdoor arena facility. It offers state-of-the-art amenities to accommodate numerous disciplines within the equine industry and more.

The economic boom is a result of the business community, especially the Ocala/Marion County Chamber & Economic Partnership, and government agencies working together.

“Everything in Ocala is the best in the world and will attract people from all over the world to our community,” Mayor Kent Guinn said.

Currently under construction is a $30 million natatorium, an indoor aquatics complex that organizers are calling FAST (Florida Aquatics Swimming and Training), and the Ina A. Colen Academy, a $24 million charter school. The school and the aquatics project are part of the Calesa Township which will eventually include 5,000 homes on more than 1,500 acres.

The aquatics facility will be an economic driver for Marion County. Events will draw people from across the country. The idea will be to host some of the nation’s most elite swimming and diving events.

A second commercial park, on a 1,000-acre site called the Florida Crossroads Commerce Park, includes a Dollar Tree distribution center.

Marion County is poised to become a Florida destination and its residents recognize that it’s a good investment.

If you’re interested in more information on the Ocala/Marion County market, give us a call today. We’d be happy to help (352) 414-1855.