How To Avoid Major Foundation Issues

Source: Realtor Magazine

Water is not always good. Water can enter a home from the exterior and interior, both buyers and homeowners should keep their eyes open to some of these signs or issues. The first step in keeping your home water resistant is to protect the outside. Here’s a few things to look for:

  • Keep large trees or plants further away from the house. Large trees can ruin water lines and the foundation of the home from the roots. If this problem occurs the tree or plant will likely need to be removed by a specialist. Keep in mind the best time to remove these plants are during the winter months when they are dormant.
  • Installing Gutters is another water to move water away or off the house. Having gutters and downspouts installed will ensure that rainwater is disbursed far away from the house to cause no roof or foundation problems. Keep in mind for gutters and downspouts to continue working efficiently they need to be cleaned time to time.
  • Understand why patio floors or interior floors may start to slant. This could be two things, an older house settling, or water being trapped underneath the flooring. If the floor or patio was once level and now slants this could be due to water damage. Inside flooring like carpet, tiles, wood, can be removed and replaces. Outside patios would need to be removed and have a drainage system installed, or a membrane to insure a long-lasting patio.

The good news is there’s plenty of experts that can help if these issues occur. Even with no issues homeowners should start by doing everything possible on the outside of a home to correct these problems or divert water away.